What authors are saying:


“Exciting and thought-provoking – the perfect package.”  -Lee Child

“Tension and turmoil add up to high stakes suspense in this all too real thriller, about a seedy and sorted world that rings with authenticity.  The line between right and wrong is not only smudged, its smeared across the page.”  -Steve Berry, New York Times # 1 Bestselling author and seller of 19,000,000 books worldwide.

“A fascinating, troubling glimpse into the heart and soul of a black market organ dealer,which turn out to be even more complicated than we suspected.  He’s a man who gazes at the stars while engaging in some of the most nefarious negotiations possible on this planet, a man capable of greed, regret, and love in equal measures. a gripping portrait of a man in conflict with himself. “ -Daniel Asa Rose, author of “LARRY’S KIDNEY: Being the True Story of How I Found Myself in China With my Black Sheep Cousin and His Mail-Order Bride, Skirting the Law to Get Him a Transplant … and Save His Life” (Morrow, 2009) which was named “one of the top books of the year” by Publishers Weekly.

“The Organ Broker is so richly imagined and executed I felt I was reading a memoir, not a work of fiction.  Stu Strumwasser is a hugely talented writer.  Read the first page and you won’t want to stop.”     –Don “D.J.” Donaldson author of the Andy Broussard/Kit Franklyn forensic mystery series and numerous medical thrillers.

“Powerful, original, and gut-wrenching.  Stu Strumwasser takes us into the foreboding world of black market organ brokers, where each line crossed proves more dangerous than the last.”     –Barry Lancet, author of JAPANTOWN and TOKYO KILL.

“A thrilling narrative about the very real world of organ trafficking where human bodies in the third world are spare parts for patients in the first world. When The Organ Broker has a crisis of conscience Strumwasser asks if it’s possible for him to make amends. The answer is both shocking and provocative.”  -Scott Carney author of The Red Market: On the Trail of the World’s Organ Brokers, Bone Thieves, Blood Farmers and Child Traffickers.

What media are saying:


Publishers Weekly, March 30, 2015

Jack Traynor, the narrator of Strumwasser’s pointed, confessional first novel, which is centered on illegal organ transplants, explains the process that took him from peddling drugs through law school to the seminal incident that led him to arrange a kidney transplant for a former classmate. “New York Jack,” as he becomes known, establishes a worldwide network of sellers and buyers and, of course, hospitals where the transplants can take place safely…  this is a real eye-opener.


Foreward Reviews, May 1, 2015

The antihero of Stu Strumwasser’s first novel finds organs on the international market and sells them for huge profits to Americans on transplant waiting lists. With snappy dialogue and a lovable hustler protagonist, The Organ Broker explores ethical ambiguities in an absorbing plot… The slick prose, especially the dialogue, makes the novel resemble classic noir. Along with snatches of Afrikaans and sections of second-person address, this elevates the writing quality above what is typically found in crime fiction. Strumwasser keeps readers guessing about Jack’s loyalties and how the central challenge will resolve itself. Recommended for fans of thrillers that tackle weighty societal issues, such as books by John Grisham, John le Carré, and Richard North Patterson.


Bookpleasures.com, May 8, 2015

The Organ Broker is a powerful novel that everyone should read.


Miki’s Hope (Blog), May 27, 2015

What an interesting book and so well written…  What Jack ultimately does will take your breathe way…  I think everyone should read this book–it is certainly an eye opener!


Dr. Marina Kurian, bariatric surgeon and host of SiriusXM DoctorRadio, Wednesdays from 8-10AM, May 28, 2015

The Organ Broker by Stu Strumwasser is a great read. It is a medical thriller that you can’t put down, and Stu is a talented storyteller. As a medical professional, I was impressed with the realism of the story. Stu’s character portrayals bring this story vibrantly to life!


Midwest Book Review, June 15, 2015

A truly exceptional read on a subject that could be ripped from today’s headlines, “The Organ Broker” is a deftly crafted and complex novel that is all the more impressive when known that it is author Stu Strumwasser’s first foray into fiction. Very highly recommended.


California Bookwatch, July 20, 2015

The Organ Broker provides a gripping story of an underground black market organ dealer who is known as ‘New York Jack’ and who has been catering to wealthy Americans and Europeans in need of organ replacement. His role as a middleman enables him to arrange for organs to come from third world countries from transplant centers; but when a client’s death leads to trouble, he must choose between murder and millions. An international chase, a tension-driven saga of the international black market sale of organs (which is based on reality), and a tense series of encounters evolves which will immerse readers in an unrelenting thriller that’s hard to put down.


Mysterious Book Report No 206, Tri-Valley Townsman, Sullivan County, NY, August 10, 2015

The Organ Broker, by Stu Strumwasser, is an outstanding new novel by a debut author whose voice speaks loud and clear about a critical issue of our times—one with important legal, ethical and moral overtones that could very well affect every one of us at some point in our lives…   It might be the most talked about book of the summer of 2015.  It’s certainly one of the best!